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Maus II
Maus I
History of Holocaust
Personal Reaction
Art Spiegelman
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This book is one of the most moving tales of the Holocaust that has ever been written, even though it has been witten from the point of view of a mouse.  It is a graphic novel, which means that it is a novel written like a comic book with many pictures.  Please explore this site to learn more about this book, the Holocaust, and much more.

This page will give a summary of the first Maus novel written, to better understand the second one.
This is a summary of the events of Maus II


This link is about the history of WWII and the Holocaust.


This talks about my personal reaction to the book.


This is a brief biography of Art Spiegelman, the author of Maus.


This is a listing of other links outside this site that relate to Art Spiegelman or Maus in some way.


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