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Maus II
Art Spiegelman


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Art Spiegelman
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Author of Maus and many other graphic novels

Art Spiegelman

Art Spiegelman was born on Febuary 15, 1948, in Stockholm, Sweden, but he grew up in Rego Park, New York.  His parents wanted him to be a dentist, but he really wanted to be a comic book writer/drawer.  He attended the H.S. of Art and Design and Marpur College.  He also was put into a mental institution in Birmingham for a month.  He worked at a lot of places where he could draw comics until 1971, when he moved to San Francisco.  He moved back to New York in 1975, where he founded Raw Magazine in 1980, with his wife, Francoise Mouly.  He published Maus I in 1986 and Maus II in 1991.  They won many awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship and a Special Pulitzer Prize.  He now works as a cover artist and a contibutor and editor to the New Yorker.  He now lives in lower Manhattan with his family: Francoise, his daughter Nadja (16) and his son Dashiell (13).