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Maus II
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My reaction to Maus

I really liked this book, because it was well drawn and it really connected me with the Holocaust, even though the characters were mice!  I have read many other books about the Holocaust, and this one seemed to be the most realistic of them all.  Somehow, telling the story with mice made what was happeneing seem more real, and not less as I would had expected.  This book opened my eyes to the actual fear that the Jews actually had during that time.  I really connected with it because I am Jewish as well.  I thought that the style of drawing/writing that Art Spiegelman used in this was very effective, because on one hand, he was telling the story that many other people have told with the Jews suffering in hiding, but on the other hand he made the characters- that were mice!- seem more human than the humans in the other stories of the Holocaust that I have read before.  Vladek Spiegelman was a real person, not just a character that lived just to be in the Holocaust and continue hiding forever.  Art's modern day descriptions made it even better, because he showed all of the characters' weaknesses instead of just telling about how they were being strong and surviving.