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Maus II


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This page is a brief summary of what happened in Maus II.


There were two different stories going on in Maus II, from the time of the Holocaust and modern times.  I will give a brief description of each.


During the Holocaust

The first part of the story was during the Holocaust.  It told about how the father of the narrator, Vladek, was sent to many different concentration camps and went through many horrers, but came out alive.  The first camp he went to was Auschwitz, in March 1944, and he did many things there to stay alive.  He taught one of the Germans there how to read and write English, he worked as a tinsmith, a shoesmith, and he hauled rocks around all over the place.  He had to bribe people with precious food and cigarretes.  He also tried to help out his sweetheart, who lived in Birkenau, by sending someone over there with packages of food.  He was then put in a train car with 200 people, and he survived because he hung a blanket up so that he wouldn't get crushed.  At the end of the train ride, he was put in another concentration camp called Dachau.  He got typhus there from the lice that were everywhere, and only survived because he was being exchanged as a prisoner of war.  He met up with his wife again, and the lived together for a while, but she killed herself in 1968 because she was so saddened by the war.  Then it moves into the next section, Modern Times.

Modern Times

This part of it was about how Vladek is like now, and how he seems to his son.  Vladek was remarried to Mala, another Holocaust survivor, but their marriage was not a happy one.  Mala had run off, because of how Vladek treated her.  Vladek, as a remnent from the Holocaust, saved everything, and he woldn't let anyone have anything for free.  This trait made everyone, including Art (Vladek's son and the writer of Maus) very annoyed with him, because he seemed very stingy.  Also, he had many health problems (two heart attacks and diabetes), and he died of heart failure on August 18, 1982.  Art is also pictured in modern times in Maus II; he has had to have psycology because, first, of everyone trying to help him or hinder him in the writing of it, and last, because the subject matter is so violent.